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*does a little dance*



Current Mood: happy happy

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Yay i defeated elite 4 and the champ, and therefore the game! gwah x.x makes me feel sad! I wana go back and catch all pokemons ^-^ twas fun fun although am kinda sleepy now u.u zz
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Itsssssss later or early, however u wants to think sbout it! i taste like alcohols, need to brushel teeths before bed, i am vewry tired and its time me goes bed, as been out at anime then to helenaaaaaaaaaaaas bday and gots drunks and danced with lotsa ppls like jade chloe kate and sara it was fun fun. I am yawning so should sleep. but thought id post

I was sqqqqquuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing over jack/ianto in newest torchwood, was mega hot omg sooo hot i think was so sexy mmmmmmm ~__~ *me melt*##

Anime was fun, i has new anime tshirt but irt has cider black down it and pink felt tip pen so its like stained whaaaaaaa, i hope my vanish block works. TRUST IN PINK!

i has a pink hand ¬¬ stupid felt tip pen1!

i want mario karts and my sims and nintendogs and ZELDA AND POKEMON for my DS but that wont happen anytime soon

I need to ask chloe which screen proctetor goes on which screen as i got confused by it yesterday *sulk*

I think sleeps good now

Night night x

Current Mood: drunk drunk

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Well hello LJ, it's been a while. Even though i still check here near daily i don't seem to ever click post..but yet, here i am haha!

Ive been working full time, hopefully gona have enough money so i dont have to work during term time.

I have a fair bit of work to do, 9 tests to do by the 27th, a 1500 word essay and a lab report, which for little miss lack of motivation here its proving difficult to get started on it.

I have watched upto the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, am addicted.

Been out a few times with my sis and her friends, going to play Disney scene it dvd game on tues that me and my sis got for £15 with them on tues.

I love being home, as i dont have to cook, clean, do washing or anything like that. I love my family, i love spending time with my sis, even if she did nearly break me and Lee up by making me go out on our 3rd year anniversary x_x, i love working (with the thought of getting money from it) and just generally love it here.
I miss manchester, i miss my friends, i miss being able to chat to katie on msn whilst in the same room as her, i miss chloe and jade's motivation of making me work, i miss hanging out with all my house mates, julia and peoples x_x

I will be back soon
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Arrrrrrrgh why does a certain someone always piss me off? its so annoying and drives me mad >.< then i get annoyed say stuff i dont mean and feel guilty later, bah!!!

Just had to get that out x.x

Aside from that, im at cosy warm home in Bristol and having a nice time, ive had like 4 type of veg today and an apple, so yay ^^

Am very sleepy though from the warmness though *falls asleep* u_u zzz

Cant wait for Sunday though, i gets to watch a night full of Topgear-ness woooo!!

Main reason for posting was to let some steam out and i feel abit better now so yay ^^
I miss everyone though from Manchester *hugs to all*

Current Mood: angry angry

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Tis teh end of term and me was drinking since like 1pm til about 6pm and was all fun and stuffs, altho im all tired and half asleep and still tipsy now. Am in my warrrrrrrrm bed in warm house yay on laptop and keep falling asleep lol, Lee keeps ringing me to wake me up.
He just linked me to this http://www.pornforgirlsbygirls.com/ its funny me thinks xD

Im glad uni is over for now, just got a fair bit of work to do over xmas as well as working full time so should be fun.

I am gona miss my friends alot though, whaaa

*sleeps* u.u

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Portal - Still Alive

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Although not that mysterious as i know the source, at least it isnt a pipe bomb! Its my damn fire alarm in my room, every 30s or so just beeping high pitched, HOW annoying is that? I had to sleep in chloes room as i couldnt sleep with it :/ You could still hear it in there but only faintly. At least i got to sleep, no thanx to little Jeff, but oddly i asked him to be quiet and he was, then when i woke up middle of night and he was making noise i waited to see if he'd be quiet as its not that annoying or anything, but i said "Jeff" and he stopped o.o was weird, but cute!
Am cold back in my room now so am gona go downstairs away from the high pitched BEEP and somewhere hopefully warmer

Current Mood: cold cold

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Gaaaah why won't the BBC hurrrrrryyyyyy up?? I realllly have to know if we can goto Topgear or not, purely cause i can get excited but i want to try change my labs and need to know if i have to, also we gota book tickets and meh, my hope of going is high but my thought that we will get to is dying :( it sucks and i know Katie and everyone else is dying to know too, so PLEASE BBC hurry the fuck up :/

Current Mood: impatient

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